Hi, I am Sakki Salubria, I have been playing Second Life since 2008.  I really enjoy having all the things I don’t get to have in real life.  I like to build things out of prims.  I have not tried Mesh as of yet.  Since I don’t have any formal graphics training it has been a challenge to learn, but a joy nonetheless.

I love talking to new people and I am a very friendly person by nature.  Sometimes I think that freaks folks out.  But if you get to know me and you treat me with respect I will be a honest and loyal friend.  I enjoy hunting, building, exploring, photography and just hanging out with friends.
My only real pet peeve is men that come up and start assaulting me with sex requests.  I am amazed at how rude some people are.  Seriously, would you say those things to a stranger on the street in real life?   Why on earth would you do it in Second Life.  It can’t possibly have a good outcome.
My store Sakki Smiles and Simply Kitchens opened about 2 years ago.  I do okay, none of my items are that expensive, so I don’t make a lot of Lindens.  I wanted a store that was newbie friendly.  I remember how hard it was to get started with a house and a tiny piece of land.  My store was created with that in mind.  All the items are low prim and reasonably priced, but I did not skimp on quality, the textures are very nice.
I do have an alt that I will post about from time to time, her name is Sakkidra.  She started out as a backup for my store, but I really like the way she turned out so I am on her quite a lot.
Well that is a little about me.  Just remember Second Life is just that, real life should always come first.


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